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Who's Who at Play NYC


Console, Mobile, VR, PC and Tabletop


Led by Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff, the team has been working tirelessly to transform Terminal 5 into a full-on playground of games:

• Bredna Lee Baker by Jenny Jiao Hsia - Bredna has 60 seconds to clean her messy room. If she doesn’t succeed, she will be in big trouble! 
• Forest Cup by Ivan Safrin - This 10-player local multiplayer game is about animals playing soccer in the woods where two teams of 5 players face off on a small soccer field. 
• Salmon Run: The Upstream Team by Jane Friedhoff & Andy Wallace - Two players must work together to guide a rolling salmon up the waterfall while avoiding hungry bears in this game inspired by the classic mechanical arcade game Ice Cold Beer. 
• Star Catcher VR by Adelle Lin & Matt Pinner - In this cooperative physical game, use nets to move around the universe catching falling stars from the glowing ceiling. With each catch, a star is added to a constellation in our sky.
• GIF Photo Booth by Mark Kleback & The Death by Audio Arcade - Take pics with your friends alongside some of your favorite characters and memes!
• Scavenger by 3Spooky - In this NYC debut, dance along on the big screen as a Kinect transports you to a futuristic lounge brimming with the unexpected.

Who's Who at Play NYC


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Play NYC's expo hall has over 100 games of all shapes and sizes from developers big and small. Click the button below to view the floor plan.